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After taking a career break in 2007 to travel Marissa spent time in the place where she grew up, Goa. Inspired by the culture and the people Marissa decided to put pen to paper and started writing.

Snatching an hour here and there she managed to complete her first Manuscript in 2010.  Since moving to Oxford, Marissa has published several contemporary fiction books including the popular cosy crime Chupplejeep Mystery series set in rural Goa. Her latest series, published by Bloodhound Books, follows amateur detective Shilpa Solanki as she solves crime in South Devon.

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Marissa continues to work on a series of light-hearted detective novels set in rural Goa.  Having spent some time visiting the village where her father grew up and inspired by the local rural charm of life there, Marissa created Detective Chupplejeep.

Under the Coconut Tree is the first novel in the series where we are introduced to characters you will fall in love with. There is the all knowing and seeing Granny Murthi; Sanjog, the local loan shark; Bilal the bread wallah, and of course Detective Chupplejeep who fancies himself as his favourite on screen detective Poirot. Together the characters and intricate description of the villiages will transport you to rural Goa. 

Other books in the series include The Body in the Bath, Jackpot Jetty and Miramar Monsoon.

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"A thoroughly enjoyable whodunnit with a lovingly crafted and completely believable setting in a Goan village. The undercurrent of humour and clear love of the environment and ways of Goa lead to a feeling of greater coherence than the author's previous books. The result is a very natural, fluid story that unfolds at a good pace and with enough suspects and twists to keep you guessing until the reveal."

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Marissa is currently working on a cosy crime series set in Devon and published by Bloodhound Books. 

A Slice of Murder is the first book in the series which follows occasion cake maker, Shilpa Solanki as she investigates terrible crime committed in the sleepy village of Otter's Reach. 

Shilpa Solanki has recently moved to Devon after inheriting her uncle’s house. Her first commission is to cater for Mason and Harriet’s glamorous engagement, a grand party on the social calendar, but just hours later Mason is found brutally murdered. 

Mason’s killer attended the party and Shilpa finds herself a key witness. Amidst her growing order list, and her overbearing mother’s desire to find Shilpa a suitable husband, Shilpa starts her own investigation. In doing so she puts herself in danger and unearths a mystery closer to home. 

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... Earlier pieces of Marissa de Luna's work include...

Career-driven fashion designer Celeste Broady meets the man of her dreams while traveling in Thailand. Alex seems to have it all: the charm, the charisma and the wealth. After a whirlwind wedding, they move to Hong Kong and soon become the most glamorous power couple amongst the glitterati of the city. She is living her dream.

But the higher you climb, the further you have to fall. With Alex’s career blossoming, he’s increasingly away from home, and when his hedonistic and philandering best friend Bill arrives bringing with him a yacht and a decadent lifestyle, Celeste is forced to compete for her husband’s attention. 

Her confidence in her fairytale marriage soon begins to fade, and when she stumbles over a dark secret, she realises she is in too deep and there is only one way out.


It is a morning like any other. You wake up in your bed wearing your favourite pyjamas, but something is not quite as it should be. There is a chill in the air and a lingering scent that evokes a distant memory; fear seizes you as you begin to remember…

As Maria desperately tries to uncover the truth she is forced to untangle the secrets hidden in her past. Only then will she be able to unlock her memory.

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