...Marissa de Luna

Available now is a gripping psychological thriller, titled The Bittersweet Vine. Published by Thames River Press.


It is a morning like any other. You wake in your bed wearing your favourite pyjamas, but something is not quite as it should be. There is a chill in the air and a lingering scent that evokes a distant memory; fear seizes you as you begin to remember…


This is how Maria Shroder wakes on the morning of the 28th  September: alone in her apartment, her music playing softly in the background, her wrists and neck sore but void of any marks. Having no recollection of the days that passed since her abduction, Maria discovers she is suffering from Hysterical Amnesia.  Her mind is protecting her from a terrifying truth.


Maria finds solace within a book club, but it is not long before she starts to suspect her new friends. Is it just a coincidence that the next book choice mirrors her recent ordeal? And is it just chance that the mysterious and secretive Sunil has moved into her apartment building? She confides in her best friend Leanne, but when her closest ally starts doubting her sanity Maria has no choice but to turn to her estranged sister. In desperately trying to uncover the truth, Maria is forced to untangle the secrets hidden in her past. Only then will she be able to unlock her memory.




 (ISBN-13: 978-0857280947, Thames River Press)

'I was immediately drawn into the story and found that it would be impossible not to read on. If you enjoyed the gripping storylines in 'Sister' or 'Afterwards' by Rosamund Lupton you will love The Bittersweet Vine. This is a real page turner, I would highly reccommend it' - GI

'This book was so gripping! The first page draws you in immediately and you are left wanting more! I couldn't put it down as was in suspense the whole way through! Definitely recommend!' - Sally