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(ISBN-13: 978-1791701239, Lost Button Publishing)








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On the first day of Detective Chupplejeep’s lakeside summer holiday, Jackpot, a local boatwalla, is found dead in his craft. The local detective Kumar has dismissed it as a natural death, but Chupplejeep is not convinced. As details of Jackpot’s life are slowly exposed, development plans for the lake are revealed and the enigmatic owner of the local yoga retreat is implicated, Chupplejeep is convinced that the boat-keeper’s death is not as simple as it appears.


Detective Chupplejeep has been warned not to step on Kumar’s toes, and besides, he has come to the lake to try and resolve his own problems: His love life is in tatters, and he has recently discovered that his biological parents, presumed dead, are very much alive.


He shouldn’t get involved with the case, but he cannot turn a blind eye to an obvious injustice. Chupplejeep is determined to bring justice to this idyllic village, risking his career, reputation and personal life, but will he be able to crack the case before he has to leave the lakeside retreat?