...Marissa de Luna

'Goa Traffic managed to capture me from the word go....The book sets the scene and creates imagery which will have you travelling to Goa from the comfort of your sofa.  There are elements of romance, discovery, passion, adventure and betrayal and the characters come to light as the story develops.  A well written end which illuminates the characters and makes me want to sit down and read it once again!' - Rani

'This book was amazing! I was unable to put it down and practically finished it in one sitting.... The plot keeps you absolutely hooked and the twist at the end is truly unexpected!' - Fee

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Goa Traffic is a compelling work of modern fiction set against the beautiful backdrop of Goa.  The book tells a story of love and a ruthless deception which delivers life altering consequences.  


Lisa Higgins is an average twentysomething looking for love in all the wrong places. A particularly bad dating experience leaves her questioning her life on a deeper level. To Lisa, a two-week holiday in India seems like just the ticket to coax her out of her comfort zone and help her find her true self.


After touching down in the party capital of Goa, Lisa is swept away by the strange marriage of the East and West; a mix that appears to work perfectly in the food, the culture, and most importantly, the people. She is quickly accepted into a close-knit friendship circle and introduced to a man who proves to be 'Mr Right'. He promises her the world, but it is not long before Lisa is drawn into something dark and sinister that strips from her the beauty of a fun adventure.


When the police come knocking on her door she pleads ignorance, but just how much does Lisa already know?



'This book has everthing required to make it a non-stop read.  Once you've started, you will find it annoyingly hard to put down.  One of the books of the year.' - Will Dalton

 (ISBN 978-1-4567-7527-8, Authorhouse.)