...Marissa de Luna

Marissa de Luna is currently working on a series of light-hearted detective novels set in rural Goa.


On a recent trip to India Marissa spent time visiting the small village of Zosvaddo where her father grew up. Inspired by the local way of life and its rural charm, Marissa created Detective Chupplejeep and his police assistant, Pankaj.  Together, they set about solving mysterious crimes in the fictitious, sleepy villages surrounding Larara.


Under the Coconut Tree is the first novel in the series where the reader will be introduced to characters with whom they will instantly fall in love. There is the all knowing and seeing Granny Monji; Sanjog, the local loan shark; Bala the bread wallah; and, of course, Detective Chupplejeep, on the brink of turning forty and under the threat of marriage, who fancies himself as his favourite on screen detective, Poirot.


The intricate description of the villages and the colourful characters will instantly transport you to rural Goa and the home of Detective Chupplejeep.


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