...Marissa de Luna

As the International Film Festival of India draws to a close, the actress Subrina Basi is found dead in the bath of her hotel room.


Subrina appears to have committed suicide, but closer inspection suggests foul play, and Detective Chupplejeep has a long list of suspects. As he delves into the troubled actress's past, a dark secret is unearthed csting a shadow of doubt on the local villagers too.


Chupplejeep is under pressure to solve this high-profile case, while his girlfriend Christabel is busy making marriage plans, plans Chupplejeep is not entirely comfortable with. Meanwhile, Officer Pankaj has been given his first mystery to solve - a perilous blackmail case involving a flamboyant artist with something to hide. The duo are working against the clock. Will Chupplejeep and Pankaj crack both cases in time?
















(ISBN-13: 978-1540340474, Lost Button Publishing)








Body in the bath eBook